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Teachers & Guidance Counselors

Questions to motivate students to engage in career planning.  (T201)

In-class activities to motivate students to make informed choices.  (T202)

Career Planning presentations  (T221-T223)

Career Planning lesson plans (W727-W730)

Grade School Career Planning tools (W731)

State career planning tools (T401-T405) (W752-W760)

Teacher Guide for Occupational Outlook Handbook  (T903)

National Digest of Education Statistics  (W791)

National Career Development Association Resources (W793)

Federal Government resources for education (W794)

State education resources (W795)


Education Planning Tools  

High School student action plans (W060)

Questions students should ask guidance counselors (W062)

NCAA guide for college-bound student athletes  (W070)

Career/technical school locator (W075)

Evaluating career/technical schools (W085)

College majors "matching" career choices.  (W101)

Typical courses and student characteristics for each college major  (W102)

Education Planning Worksheet: Career-Track Students (E203)

Education Planning Worksheet: College-Bound Students (E203)

College graduation rates (W105)

College Search (user criteria) (W115)

College rankings (W120)

Colleges accepting the common application (W127)

College Admissions Process Do’s/Don’ts (W129)

College Success Tips (W132)

Free SAT practice tests (W138)

SAT results by state  (Table)

Federal Financial Aid Guide (W145)

Federal student financial aid eligibility (W145)

Scholarship search (W155)

529 college savings plans (W157)


Career Planning Tools

Follow your dreams, but have a back-up plan (C003)

Career & education planning instructions (C004)

Careers "matching" a student's favorite school subjects  (W221)

Interest to occupation converter (W225)

Prioritize student's work values  (W230)

Free interest/skills assessments (W225-W253)

Career Exploration – Middle School (W255)

Careers – TV fantasy vs. reality  (C102)

College graduate job market (C106)

Fastest growing jobs (W285)

Jobs with the most openings (W287)

Highest paying jobs (W289)

10-Year Job outlook for hundreds of occupations (C118)

Jobs with good pay & many openings  (C120)

Job outlook without a bachelors degree  (C122)

Interest, skills & values assessment (W280)

Career Search (user criteria) (W280)

Career summaries including outlook, working conditions, earnings and morefor related careers in each career cluster.  (C200-C216)

Career evaluation worksheet (C303)

Factors affecting the demand for each occupation (C321)

Science, Math, Engineering & Computer Careers (W304)

Career Guide for Professional Athletes (W305)

Earnings by Occupation and Gender (C317)

For any occupation: nature of work, working conditions, training requirements, employment, job outlook, earnings, etc. (W330)

For any occupation: earnings, growth, # openings, education required, skills needed, tasks performed and work environment.  (W332)

Technical career information (W353)

Middle school entrepreneur game  (W362)

U.S. government student job postings (W424)

U.S. government job search (W426)

U.S. Armed Forces Job opportunities (W434)

Industry/company selection(C602)

Factors affecting employment by industry (C618)

Industry data (W444-W450)

Industry research: Instructions & resources (W451-W452)

Company research (W463)

Questions students can ask a person about their occupation.  (C801)

Summer jobs for teens  (C803-C808)

Work abroad internships  (C812)

Internship search tools (W480-W484)

Student Guide: Internships and Summer Jobs (W491)


Life Planning Tools

Tutorials: resume writing, job interviewing and salary negotiation (Table)

Building net worth (L102)

Student credit card debt  (W583)

Personal finance lesson plans (W587-W621)

Stock market game (W622)


Make Informed Education & Career Choices! 

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