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Elementary & Middle School Students

Free” Tools Elementary and Middle School Students can access in < 60 Seconds
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Career Planning Tools  

Follow your dreams, but have a back-up plan (C003)

Careers "matching" your favorite elementary or middle school subject  (W221)

Career Exploration – Middle School (W255)

Careers – TV fantasy vs. reality  (C102)

Interest, skills & values assessment (W280)

Earnings by Occupation and Gender (C317)

For any occupation: nature of work, working conditions, training requirements, employment, job outlook, earnings, etc. (W330)

For any occupation: earnings, growth, # openings, education required, skills needed, tasks performed and work environment.  (W332)

Middle school entrepreneur game  (W362)

Fastest growing jobs (W285)

Jobs with the most openings (W287)

Highest paying jobs (W289)

Questions a student can ask a person about their occupation.  (C801)

Summer jobs for teens  (C803-C808)

Student Guide: Internships and Summer Jobs (W491)


Life Planning Tools  

Personal finance lesson plans (W587-W621)

Stock market game (W622)


Teacher & Parent Tools 

Questions to motivate students to engage in career planning.  (T201)

Career Planning tools for elementary and middle school  (W731)



Make Informed Education & Career Choices! 

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