College Career Life Planning

Career Planning

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Interests, Skills & Needs

Audio    My Miserable $200,000 Job  

C050    Individual Profile Summary PDF Paper PDF Online Word

C052     Interests Survey (Career Clusters) 

C053     16 Career Clusters

W220    Career Assessment Do's/Don'ts 

W221    Middle School Subjects => Career Converter Site Teacher's Guide

W223    World of Work Map World of Work Career Mapping Tool  

W225    oNet OnLine: Home  Abilities Interests Work Importance Descriptors Career Families Knowledge => Occupation Converter   

W227    Skills Profiler 

W230    Work Value Worksheets: Stanford 

W232    Career Values - Self Assessment 

W237    Career Advisor:  Career Blueprint  Likes/Dislikes  Ideal 1st Month

W242    Jung/Myers/Briggs: Humanmetrics   BSM  TypeLogic  PersonalityPathways Personality Type PDF Personality Type Word

W244    Holland: Assessment #1  Assessment #2  

W248    Choices Planner: Interest, Skills, Work Values 

W253    Personality Assessment - RHETI  

W254    On-line Skills Assessment - iSeek  

W255    Career Exploration - Middle & High School

W262    IQ Tests: Quiz 

W263    Learning Style Assessments: NC State  DVC On-Line

W264    Learning Style Strategies 

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