College Career Life Planning

Education Planning - Choosing a College & Major

Tools for


College & Major Selection

Deciding On A Major

E151      Earnings & Occupations by Major after graduation

E152      Number of Degrees by Field of Study

W099     Major Based on Holland Assessment

W100     Major Profiles:   MyMajors  WWL

W101    Major => Career Converter: CollegeBoard  Delaware

W102    Major Search: Princeton


Selecting A College

E201     Selecting The Right College For You

E203     Educaton Plan Worksheets:  Digital Paper

E205     Diploma Mills  Accreditation Overview

W103    Accreditation: Search  Data Base  Agencies

W104    CollegeBoard: Where to Start  Find a College 

W105    Graduation Rates by College

W106    College Navigator (e.g., retention, graduation rate, security, admissions) 

W107    College Crime Stats: U.S. Dept. Ed 

W109    U.S. Colleges:  Alphabetical   By State  Community Colleges

W110    College Websites By Country  


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