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Why Care About Career Planning?

Time: Think about how much time you have invested in school from grades 1-12 (about 14,000 hours).   Now multiply that by six.  That is how much time you can expect to spend in your career.  85,000 hours!

Fun:   It is more fun to do something that you enjoy and are good at.  Do you enjoy all of your classes? In school you study a wide variety of subjects including math, english, science, social studies, etc. Your career will be like one subject. Imagine picking only one subject in school and doing it 8-10 hours per day for the next 40 years. (It better be your favorite subject!)

$$$:    If you pick a career that "fits" your skills/interests and is "in demand",  you are more likely to be successful, avoid extended periods of unemployment, have more promotion opportunities and make more $$$.

Decisions Made In High School Affect College & Career Options

Have you developed the most critical skills (e.g., writing, math, interpersonal skills, oral communications, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork) needed for your career choice? 

Are you focusing on challenging "core curriculum" Honors and Advanced Placement courses or "taking the easy courses and just getting by"?

Will your high school performance/achievements allow you to "have your pick of attractive colleges/careers" or will your options be limited to less competitive (and maybe less desirable) colleges/careers?  Colleges and employers are becoming increasingly selective in their who to admit or hire. 


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