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Several hundred tools for education and career planning. Where should you begin? Remember, all links to documents, pages in CCLP and other web sites may be accessed by left-clicking with your mouse. 

Let’s start with an overview of the fixed layout for every page.   Below the two photos at the top of each page is a group of five horizontal buttons – one for each major section of the web site: Get Motivated, Education Planning, Career Planning, Life Planning and Teachers/Parents.  Five buttons are located in the left side bar. These buttons are used to access: Quick Help, Instructions, Web Site Info, Audio Clips and the Home Page. The bottom of every page includes links to the following pages: About Us, Home Page, Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Contact Us.

Next let's address several different approaches for using CCLP

If you are looking for complete step-by-step instructions covering the entire process and want fast, easy access to each tool required as you proceed through that process, click on the “Instructions” button in the left-hand side bar of any page. 

Alternatively, you can click on the "Who Are You?" button that best describes you on the Home page. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or adult seeking a career change, you can immediately access a customized page of about 50 tools designed to meet your specific needs.  Simply click on the link associated with any tool on the page for quick, easy access.

A third approach is to move your cursor over the horizontal menu bar at the top of any page and view the grey drop down menu of pages for each major section of the web site. This provides an overview of the CCLP content and structure. You could also check out the Site Map locate in the Site Info section of the upper right-hand side bar.

A fourth approach is to click on the "Quick Help" button in the left side bar and scan the list of items. Click on the button addressing your immediate need…such as searching for a college or scholarships….or learning about government jobs or starting your own business!  You will be immediately directed to the appropriate tools.

If your computer lacks the ability to read the most current Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files, click on the following links to update your computer with the latest software for reading these documents, for free.

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To make it easier to locate tools referenced on this web site, a code precedes each document or web site link listing.  All links to third-party web sites are designated by a code beginning with a "W". Codes for documents in each section begin with a letter corresponding to that section: Motivation (M), Education (E), Career (C), Life (L) and Teachers (T). These correspond to the pull-down menu section tabs at the top of each page.

In each section, the document and web site link codes are presented in numerical sequence for quick, easy reference. 

Code Table

Web Links
Get Motivated
Education Planning
Career Planning
Life Planning
Teacher Resources

College Career Life Planning is a virtual encyclopedia of career and education planning resources.   If you use these resources to make informed career and education choices, you will significantly increase your chances for success and happiness.



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