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Since College Career Life Planning receives no revenue and accepts no contributions, it depends solely on word-of-mouth and the power of the Internet to reach students, parents and schools.  Here are some examples of how you can "touch a life" by sharing this valuable, free resource with others: 

Parents/Students: Save CCLP in your "favorites".  Email a link to  with the attachment "What you can do in <60 seconds" to 10 friends, relatives or co-workers.  If they forward your email to 10 of their friends, you have shared this resource with 100 people. 

Teachers: Share the tools with your students and with other teachers. Utilize the lesson plans from the Teacher Resources section. 

Principals: Link to College Career Life Planning from your school web site. Tell other principals about the resource.  Encourage your guidance counselorsto share these tools with students, parents and other guidance counselors.

Offer a career orientation night for parents and use the site tools to motivate and empower parents. Distribute copies of  "What you can do in <60 seconds" to attendees. 

Media: Share College Career Life Planning with your readers, listeners and/or viewers. 

Let's work together to help our young people make informed life choices!


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