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2. Goal: Self Analysis. Clarify your interests, skills and needs.  Identify careers that potentially “fit” you. 

a) Print “Your Individual Profile Summary” (C050) & “Careers for Consideration Worksheet” (C100)

b) Listen to my “Miserable $200,000/yr. Job".

c) Go to the “Interests, Skills and Needs” page.

      i. Select and use several of the tools (C052, W221, W223, W225).

      ii. Select and use several of the self assessments (W240, W242, W244, W250, W253).  Insert your results into “Your Individual Profile Summary” (C050).

    d) Go to “Choices Planner” (W280) (Skip, if password is required for access and you do not have one.)

      i. Click on “Jump in (no ID required)” under Adults & Post Secondary (left column)

      ii. Click on the Choices Planner orange arrow.

      iii. Under the “Work” box, click on the Interest Profiler, Work Values Sorter and Basic Skills Survey to take these assessments.

      iv. Click on the blue “Work” tab and then click on “Career Finder” (center column).

      v. Scan the screening criteria in the left column and (one-at-a-time) choose the categories that are most important to you and insert your specific screening criteria.  Input the results from your assessments from step 2) c. ii.  Once you finish inputting your criteria, click “See Your Matching Careers” at the bottom of the page.

      vi. Check your criteria listed at the top (to confirm your input).  Scan the list of occupations that met your criteria.  Click on any of the occupations for a brief description.  Note that the more criteria you specify, the fewer the number of occupations that will meet all of your criteria.  Use some judgment when reviewing the list and eliminate from further consideration any careers that are clearly not a good fit for you.

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