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4. Goal: Obtain clear, concise, relevant information about each career to be evaluated.   Obtain specific information (e.g. working conditions, pay, education requirements, job growth rate, number of openings, skills required, tasks) from the following sources:

a) Listen to “Career Information for an Informed Choice”.

b) Occupational Outlook Handbook Career Links (C110)

      i. Scan the list of careers.   Careers are organized by career areas/clusters.

      ii. Click on occupations that interest you.  Next, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on printer-friendly version and print each document.

    c) CareerOneStop (W332)

      i. Click on “Occupational Profile”.  Under the menu search section, click on the career area of interest and then click on a specific occupation in that career area.

      ii. Scroll down to find your state.  Click on your state.  Click on the “continue” button.

      iii. Next, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on “printer-friendly version” and print document.

    d) O*Net OnLine (W225)

      i. Click on "Find Occupations" (top-left box) and browse by "Job Family" or O*Net Descriptor.

      ii. Click on occupations of interest and review their summary reports.

      iii. For occupations that you find attractive, print the summary report.

    e) School Subject => Career (W221) (Middle School Students)

      i. Click on "What You Like".

      ii. Click on "Possible Careers" that seem interesting to you.

      iii. Click on "Printer Friendly Version" in top-right corner and print the report.

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