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7. Goal: Learn more about your top career prospects from people in those careers.  Network! 

a) See “Questions You Can Ask People About Their Careers” (C801)

b) Listen to “Networking – Talk to Adults About Their Careers”.

c) Network: Seek out opportunities to talk to people in careers that interest you (e.g., your parents, aunts/uncles, your friends’ parents, your parents’ friends).  Remember: Most adults will be flattered that you are interested in their career and will be delighted to speak with you.

d) Ask your school to hold a “Career Day” with outside career speakers.

e) Ask your guidance counselor about opportunities for job shadowing, internships & volunteering.

f) Based on your research in steps 2 – 6 of these instructions and the insight you gain from networking, identify the career area (e.g. healthcare, business, engineering) that you find the most attractive and that is the best fit for you.


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